I Put WHAT In My Hair?!

So my mom was visiting and she told me that she put Coconut Oil in her hair overnight, as a deep conditioner, and it worked like a charm. I may have been slightly nervous, considering…

When I was in high school, I tried putting mayonnaise in my hair like a magazine article suggested and it was TRAGIC.

When I say tragic, I mean my hair looked greasy for a good month. I.COULD.NOT.GET.IT.OUT.

But when I saw my mom’s hair was not a disaster, I decided to give it a shot. I simply put a little in the length/ends of my hair (not all the way up at the roots like the wonderful mayonnaise solution). A little coconut oil goes a long way (I wish they told me that in the mayonnaise article…can you tell I’m still bitter about it?!). And to give you an idea, I treated it like I was putting a pomade in my hair. I pulled my hair back in a pony tail while sleeping that night and washed it out in the morning (I shampooed twice). And I have to say, it really conditioned it well. So if your hair is suffering the effects of the cold winter, you might want to consider giving it a shot!

Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N