[Remember that time you looked like you were channeling Lady Gaga?] Makeup Tips for Teens

Makeup is not meant to change who you are, it’s meant to bring out the BEST VERSION of YOU!  A lot of girls are nervous about wearing makeup, and I believe it’s because they’ve never been taught…But do not fear, Michelle Ocampo is here!!  If done properly, you can barely notice you have anything on.  But your face will become alive and your eyes will pop…doesn’t that sound like something we all want?!

Today’s makeup tip is focuses on choosing an eyeshadow.  I’m not gonna lie…if I were to even attempt a blue shadow with my green eyes, I’d be looking like an 80’s music video GONE BAD!  And there is a reason!!  Some of you may be familiar with the color wheel if you took art classes in school.  I became familiar with this little gizmo during my senior year interior decorating class (side note: OMGosh that class was so much fun…clipping out photos of dream homes and making collages, come on!!).  Anywho, this little color wheel can help you out a lot in life…and even with your eye makeup!  So let’s introduce ourselves with this rainbow of colors, shall we?!


And right about now, you’re probably thinking…”Wha, wha, what?!”  Okay…it’s super simple, pinky promise.  There is something called complimentary colors (this will totally help you while matching outfits in your closet as well).  Complimentary colors are just that…colors that compliment each other and look pleasing to the eye.  A complimentary color is the color sitting exactly opposite on the color wheel (ex: the complimentary color for blue is orange, the complimentary color for yellow is purple, etc.)

Here comes the fun part…what color eyes do you have?!  I am a green…so I’m going to look at green and go across and find that red-oranges and violet are complimentary colors for me.  NOW, I’m NOT telling you to go buy RED eyeshadow!!  We are not painting ourselves into clowns!  But I *am* going to go with shadows that have rusty tints to them.  That rust color just lightly dusted in the corners of my eyes are going to make my eyes POP.  And THAT is what I’m going for!  Remember, dusting…not painting girls!  And to all my brown eyed girls, you are LUCKY!  You can rock any shade on the color wheel.  However, violet tends to be flattering…probably pulling out any yellow tones in that brown.

And remember how I said I can’t rock blue with my green eyes?  That’s because they sit right next to each other on the color wheel…which means, no bueno!  This is exactly the reason we don’t pair an orange sweater with red shorts!  They are right next to each other on the color wheel…and we all know that means?!  No bueno!

Now that you know how the color wheel works for finding your complimentary eyeshadow shade, I will give you a bit of a cheat sheet.

Brown Eyes: Rock ’em all…but you might just find a bit of violet makes them pop.

Blue Eyes:  Oranges, Coppers, Golds…warm colors (To see a gorgeous use of gold on the eyes…Check out Grace.  It looks so natural, yet look at those eyes pop!)

Green Eyes: Plum/Violet colors, Coppers and Golds with red undertones…and you can mute this with a soft pink .

Hazel Eyes: Brown with orange/red undertones, can also get away with green.

And to make it even EASIER for you?!?!?!?  When you are walking through a drug store looking at makeup, they even have on the packaging “Good for Green Eyes” or “Perfect for Blue Eyes”.  Seriously…it can’t get easier than that.  Or you can always walk up to a makeup counter at the department store and have them work on your eyes for free to show you what shades would really pull out the color in your eyes.  But at least NOW, you know where they are coming up with these colors.

And it’s always a good idea to start with a nice base before applying the eyeshadow to even out the skin tone on your lids.  It gives you the perfect canvas.  The one I love?!  M.A.C. Paint Pot…you can read all about it here!

Remember, a little goes a long ways.  And as my mother always said, “Blend blend blend!”



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