Remember that time with Ryan Gosling on the Red Carpet?

So, what girl DOESN’T want that red carpet experience?!  Let’s get real…the door opening to the black shiny limo Rolls Royce, and as you slip your foot out the door, light bulbs start flashing.  You step out and immediately start your pageant wave…although I hate pageants, you get my point.  And you are in the MOST.GORGEOUS.GOWN.EVER.  We are talking…rubbing shoulders with Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, and the one and only Beckham. 




Okay, back to reality…I’m awake!  But you get my point!!  We all want that moment of feeling gorgeous in an insane gown.  Guess what, YOU can have that moment!  Well, I can promise you the gown, but not Ryan, Chris, Henry, or David!

I had a Winter Gala to attend in Monterey last week with my husband.  And immediately at the word “gala”, I thought…”OMGala, what am I going to wear?!”  And then I thought…have no fear because Rent the Runway is here!

I remember seeing them profiled on the Today show a couple years back, and I was totally wanting an excuse to wear some designer gowns.  Here was my chance.  And then I saw it…a Badgley Mischka.

And with a few clicks of a button, it was all mine for 4 days!

I decided to share my Rent the Runway experience with you girls because I think it is the PERFECT way to make an appearance for prom this spring!  I mean, hello?!  It’s as costs the same as buying a Forever 21 dress and it is 30x’s the quality and you will look AMAZING!  So here we go on my adventure…

The event was on a Saturday night, so I had the GOWNS delivered on Thursday.  Yes, you read that right, GOWNS.  For no extra charge, they will send you two different sizes so you are confident you will have one that fits.  And here is the box that arrived at my front door!

Inside were the gowns in a garment protector and a little thank you gift.  The thank you gift was some shaving cream so you didn’t have to worry about unsightly underarms, and fashion tape…because we are going to keep “the twins” to us, right girls?!  No “opsies” at a gala!  I found the fashion tape as a pleasant surprise, considering I had just purchased some the day before at Macys.

And here it is!  Right before leaving the house!

 (Photo compliments of my husband)…and sidenote to self: OMGosh, pull your shoulders back!  Posture!!

The clock does strike midnight though, and I had to send the gowns back on Monday morning.  But here are some fun tips:

  1. Don’t forget, they send you two sizes…so you don’t need to worry about if it will fit or not.
  2. Read the reviews…it totally helped me when figuring out sizes.  I knew this gown ran large so I ordered one size smaller than I typically wear as the back-up…and ended up wearing the smaller size.
  3. You can get insurance for $4.  Yep, TOTALLY worth the piece of mind.  And I did feel my heel catching on the back of the dress, so I was so thankful I paid the $4 in case I tore the gown.  Thank God, that didn’t happen though!
  4. You can rent accessories too.  And if you want to go a fun route with the accessories, for only $15, you can have a stylist pick the perfect piece for your gown.  Otherwise, rentals for accessories were $25-30 or so.  I had the stylist pick the “surprise accessory” and was very happy with the earrings they sent.
  5. They send you a prepaid postage bag to return the gowns, it was a tight squeeze to get them in…but I mean come on, PREPAID!  And no need to dry clean them!  Just send them back as-is!
  6. I had a chance to wear a Badgley Mischka…priceless.  Or in this case, only $120 with my online promo code!

I’d totally recommend this service for prom girls!  They have a ton of dresses to choose from…from short and flirty to long ball gowns.  This experience was a win in my smart girl play book, and I plan to do it again!  If you use RTR for prom, message me a pic!



Thank you Rent the Runway!!

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N