My soul sister, Divergent, and having an ACA-mazing time!

I was so spoiled this week.  My cousin Sarah flew up to spend New Years with us.  She is more than a cousin to me…she’s like having another little sister.  I am so incredibly grateful for her.  She has flown out to see us probably at LEAST once a year since she was in 4th grade.  Now she is about to graduate from college and enter the “real” world…ahhhh.  I’m dreading her growing up; my heart breaks for when all of her visits during school breaks start to dwindle because of entering the “real” world.  I don’t know what a winter break, spring break or summer would be without a visit from her.  We’ve done road trips to Canada together, gone zip-lining, experienced being chased by seals while we were in a kayak together, swam with sharks a shark in Hawaii, gone to the top of the Space Needle, held alligators in Louisiana, fell off paddleboards while doing yoga poses…and this trip added ice skating to the list!  We always try to make life an adventure…and I love her for it!  She is all about living in the present…something that is important for all of us to be reminded about.

I love you..and I think you’re ACA-mazing.  (Side note: Yes, this is a reference to the movie Pitch Perfect that we watched at least two times while she was visiting…and it’s aca-funny, if you know what I mean!)  My week won’t be the same without all of our ACA-references, racing each other to finish the book Divergent (which I’m completely hooked on), and our evening trips to Starbucks.  THANK YOU for flying up to see us…and I can’t wait for next time!  I think Europe is calling our names!  I’m dying with curiosity as to what type of trouble we’ll get ourselves into! 😉

Whoop, there it is!



M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N