::This One’s for the Girls::

When I first opened up Facebook this morning, I saw these images going viral.  I love it when magazine editing DOES go viral because it is such an eye-opening experience!  For most of us, it is not a huge secret that a lot of liquifying (making people look skinner than they really are) and other Photoshop tricks are all put to use when editing for a cover of a magazine.  But just how much editing do they do?  Here is an example, and sadly, this isn’t as extreme as I’ve seen in the past.  Check this out…The gorgeous Faith Hill.

If you want to REALLY see the difference, check out the animated effect here.  Some of the first things I noticed were they removed every single freckle; I guess no one has given Redbook the message that every freckle on your skin is a kiss from an angel!  And I’d like to ask what happened to her elbow?!  It basically doesn’t even exist anymore!  And look what they did to create a waist!  It’s hard to even describe…to me it looks like the flattened her right leg a bit so her dress doesn’t puff so high, by doing this, they could create a NEW ARM to make it appear she has an elongated torso.


Which leads me to the next thing…raising daughters.  Seriously.  How are girls not supposed to have a complex when it comes to beauty if this is what media outlets are telling them is beautiful?  Girls, this is not normal!  It is not reality.  They could make any body look like it appears on the cover of a magazine.  I personally just found it refreshing to know that Faith Hill has some lines going under her eyes…CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM THE LADIES?!


And then the part that is the icing on the cake, is the headline, “The New Skinny Pills”.  Now, I will give Redbook the benefit of the doubt.  I have NOT read that article…so I hope the part that says, “but read this first” is going to discourage everyone from using the pills.  GIRLS, THERE ARE NO SKINNY PILLS!  If you really think there were, do you think we’d have one overweight person in this society?!  Let me backtrack, there might be pills out there that will help take weight off, but I can promise you, YOU ARE DAMAGING YOUR BODY.  I can also promise you it is not a long term solution.  It never fails, every few years you see a headline on the evening news of a diet pill being pulled off the shelf due to causing strokes and even DEATH.  Why are we caught up in “skinny”?  (Well, I know magazine covers are one reason).  But skinny does not necessarily mean healthy.  I know a lot of skinny girls that are horribly out of shape!  I wish women could get caught up in being a “healthy weight”; let’s get caught up in living a healthy lifestyle.


So the next time you are at the grocery store, looking at the magazine covers at the check out, don’t beat yourself up.  Those girls gracing the covers of the magazine are not too different than you…they just had a team of people editing the cover to create the Barbie version of themselves.


Now…get off that computer, and go get ready for the day.  And before you walk out that door, look at yourself in a mirror and put a smile on, because it’s the prettiest thing you could ever wear!  Thank you for allowing me 5 minutes on my soap box! 😉


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N