Tips on Surviving Final Exams…and Keeping Your Sanity.

In honor of my interns going into finals, I thought I’d offer my words of advice. And I know all you smart girls out there could use some tips on surviving the stress!


So here we go, ready?!

1.  Find the perfect study partner.

When choosing a study partner, keep in mind…

You don’t need dead weight. 

You are not responsible for others.  And finals is not the time to take on a charity case that is going to rob you of all those necessary study hours!  This is when others need to own up to their own responsibility.

Find a study partner that is a good equal balance and fit for you. 

Find a partner where you constantly push EACH OTHER up, instead of it being a one-sided partnership…with you being the person doing “all the pulling up”!  And also align yourself with someone that is serious about getting studying accomplished. 

I mean, I totally get talking about the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode,

but let’s get down to business so we aren’t here all night!

2. Make flashcards.

This sounds so cheesy…but I swear this was my secret potion to a Bachelor’s degree! 

Here’s the deal…when making flashcards, you have to really scan through all your notes for pertinent details and the information that is truly important.  So now, you’ve just read your notes…Bonus #1.  Next, you have to physically write out the flashcards…don’t be copying and pasting into a new Word document!  Get the good old-fashioned note cards out and a pen and create flashcards so you can quiz yourself.  Bonus #2-You just had to write out the important information.  Now quiz yourself over and over and over…Bonus #3, you have seen the information so many times while quizzing yourself, you’ll be dreaming about it.  Which is a good thing!

3. Study right before bed.

It’s proven that if you study right before bed, you will retain the information better.  So just go with it…we want all the help we can get, right?!

4. Don’t be an idiot like me.

I will never forget pulling an almost-all-nighter to study for a final.  We were sitting in the COOLEST coffee shop ever in Riverside, CA.  Maybe that’s why it ended up being an almost-all-nighter…

I mean, you know the coffee shop is cool-as-ever when there are indie artists playing at midnight!

So I digress…but staying up until 4am in the COOLEST EVER coffee shop to study for the exam was not the greatest idea when the test was at 7am.  I was exhausted.  And I swear I would have done better if I just studied until 11pm, watched the indie artist for an hour…and gone back home!  Get your rest…I hate to tell you, but your parents were right!

 5. Reward yourself with breaks.

Have no shame in rewarding yourself with a 5-10 minute Facebook or Twitter break every hour.  Just know when those 5-10 minutes are up!  THIS, is how you keep some of your sanity…breaks!  I personally rewarded myself with TV shows.  I’d study long and hard so when Grey’s Anatomy actually DID come on, BAM…an hour break! 😉  ((Okay…who am I fooling…ER was the big show while I was in high school and college.  But it’s synonymous with Grey’s Anatomy!))

6. Exercise to clear the mind.

Best therapy EVER during finals week.  I took a kickboxing class on campus…I took every frustration I could out on my instructor when she would come up with the pads for me to punch.  Now THAT ladies, is what we call THERAPY.

7. Remember, 100 years from now, you’ll never know the difference.


And the rest, well…it is what it is.  You can’t perform a miracle.  So just try your best…and never give up hope for a slight curve.  But then who am I fooling, we are the girls that are the CURVE SETTERS!!!  Whoop Whoop!!  Go get ’em!

Be a Curve Setter,


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N