::Trick or Treat…Well, maybe only treats!:: Pacific Grove CA Photographer

Phew…have you all finally started to come off of that Halloween induced sugar high?!  This was our first Halloween in our new home, so we didn’t know what to expect as far as how many trick-or-treaters we would have.  So I *just* bought one bag of candy from Costco…you know, it is pretty much equivalent to four bags at the grocery store!  OUR DOORBELL DIDN’T RING ONCE!  Yep, guess who now has a huge bowl of candy in the kitchen?!  And as much as I try to resist my kid’s candy bags, all will power disappears, and I find myself constantly thinking about the Twizzlers!  Funny fact about me…I have all the will power in the world to not buy junk food and candy while at the store.  I personally think it’s such a waste.  However, once it is in the house…GAME ON!   And that is exactly why I found myself running 4 miles yesterday and then attending Pilates class!  Yes, that is what guilt looks like from Halloween candy!


Anywho, the girls had a great time this year.  After much deliberation, Little Miss Sunshine settled on Cleopatra.  She was really debating between Princess Leia and Darth Vader but couldn’t decide between the two…so she decided to go with neither!  I think the part that made her giddy about the costume she chose is I put Cleopatra eyeliner on her…that is HUGE in our house!  And then Itsy Bitsy was a macaw bird.  Our littlest has been in love OBSESSED with birds since the movie Rio came out.  Her world typically revolves around birds.  Reading about them, playing with her stuffed animals that are Jewel and Blu from the movie, pretending to be a bird…I’m hoping this is just a phase.  However, I’ve learned something about her…when she loves something, she is passionate about it…this has me a bit concerned for the teenage years when boys enter the brain!


So here are some pics of our Cleopatra and Macaw.  My husband and I dressed up as well…we did the simple, “we are trick-or-treating in 30 minutes, what can we pull together” trick.  So Ryan went as a snowboarder (and yes we made him carry the board) and I went as a Padre fan (maybe not the most popular choice around here…but hey, I was born and raised in San Diego)!  And of course, there is no picture of me because I was behind the camera once again (that is reason #1 why we have family photos done EVERY year)!


Enjoy the pics and I hope you had a spectacular Halloween!



M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N