I have had so much fun with these three throughout life!

Let me take you back at least 18 years…we were all BFF’s during our high school years.  Life has taken us all in many different directions, but I’m so happy we have made an effort to get together here and there since I’ve been back in So Cal.  And it’s amazing how we can all get back together and it seems as if no time has passed.  So the three of them made a long trek up to my desert oasis!  We had many laughs, and I think a smile was our all of our faces the entire time.  Before heading out for some shopping and dinner, we went out to the desert and experienced the lovely high winds that are a part of life up here, and took some photos!  I also had a chance to help Mindy with her camera a bit…we all had a blast and felt 15 again!  Same girly laughs, same mannerisms, just older and thank God…more mature!
I really do love you girls.  When I think back to high school, I think of you…

  • Erin and I watching you both cheer at football games.
  • Dinner at Denny’s or Richie’s Diner after football games (little did I know my future husband was sitting at a booth at Richie’s on those same Friday nights).
  • Giggling over boys.
  • Getting kicked out of Sav-on for filming in the store (yes, we had a thing for video cameras back in the day).
  • Our videos…’nuff said about those.
  • Chinese fire-drills at the Rancho CA/Margarita intersections (something you could never pull off today with all the traffic in Temecula).
  • Piggy tails…we were so weird!  It’s no wonder we didn’t have dates! lol
  • Sleepovers at Natalie’s…and the Costco muffins her mom would have for us every Saturday morning!  I can honestly say I slept in a garage most Friday nights in High School! lol
  • Progressive dinners.
  • Calling in requests to Delilah.
  • Driving in all of our VW Bugs.  Natalie, I’m telling you…you were missing out!  Seriously, how did three of the four of us have VW Bugs?!
  • Rolling down the windows to listen for traffic at the Margarita/HWY 79 South because it was foggy (and it will always be HWY 79 South to me…what’s up with this new Temecula Parkway stuff?)
  • Sneaking in the theater for movies…Erin, you had the best job out of all of us…and it even got you a husband! lol
  • Toilet papering Natalie’s neighbor…and I think I was too chicken to even walk down that dark road in Meadowview.
  • Beach days in Oceanside…and always having to do one drive down the strip before leaving…and parking by the Top Gun house!

And just being silly, innocent teens.  And all memories that we will forever share together.  Seriously, our parents had nothing to worry about.  I pray to God my girls are like we were in high school.

So thank you for the memories…and I’m so glad we have all reconnected, after all the ups and downs that life throws our way.  Love you girls, and can’t wait for next time…Natalie has special plans for us on that visit! 😉






First up, the amazing Natalie…

Our rock, Erin…
And the one always laughing…Mindy

And I’m so grateful I passed the camera to Erin and she captured these two for me!

And yes, we are that hysterical…

And because I’m typically the one holding the camera, Natalie was able to set a timer on her camera and capture these two shots…two that I will always treasure!


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N