{What I do with my Digital Collections…}

So you have the digital collection…now what?!

I’ve told some friends about my plan with our digital images from our personal family sessions, and they LOVED the idea.  So I thought I’d share it with you.  We have our family photos done once a year, and I always get the digital negatives.  Not only do I now have our Christmas card photo, I also make enlargements for the house and typically make small albums for our parents…Grandparents love their brag books!

But what I’m most proud of, is my plan for the future.  I plan on taking the digital images of ALL our family sessions over the years, and when our daughters get married, I plan on making a large coffee table book that contains all the images of our family sessions through the years.  I can’t wait for them to be able to go back to this book and see our family grow through the years.  No matter where life takes them across this world, they can always pop that album open and relive their childhood with our family as they flip through the pages.  I will have a 2005 section, 2006, 2007,and so on…  And of course I will make an album for ourselves…and I must say, it will probably be my most treasured item.  Can you imagine picking up a coffee table album after your children are grown up and seeing hundreds of images of your family through the years…laughing, loving, and just being yourselves together?!

Having annual family photos done is one of the best family investments we make each a year.  YOU DON’T GET THIS TIME BACK.  The lovely Deb Schwedhelm posted an article on her blog entitled, “Is there a perfect time?” I challenge you to go read it.  Stop making excuses about why it’s been so long since you’ve had family pictures!!  Time, weight, and money should not even be on the list…No matter how busy we are, I know we can all find 2 hours to dedicate to family pictures once a year.  Weight…just forget it; the kids will CARE LESS if you haven’t lost those last 10 pounds.  When they look through those pictures as an adult, they will only see their mommy that loved them so dearly.  And money…there are photographers everywhere to fit every budget.  ’nuff said!

One day the kiddos will be all grown up and you can’t go back in time and recapture your family when they were young.  And you aren’t doing this just for yourselves…this is for your children!  This is for them to treasure through life when we are all long gone.  So I challenge you…go have family photos done, and purchase digital images.  You will have these images forever…and YOU TOO, can make a coffee table album of your family through the years.  Don’t forget to back up those images…DVD’s do go corrupt over time.  So constantly keep a backup copy of your disc in a couple different places and in a couple different formats (ex: external hard drive, desktop, and DVD).

So my plan is to make a coffee table book containing all of our family sessions through the years.  What do you want to do with your digital negatives?  Or what DO you do with them now?!  I’d love it if you shared your thoughts…


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