XOXO…You Know You Love Me.

UGH.  How depressing…no more C+B?

This past Monday was the series finale for the CW show, Gossip Girl.  Now if you know me…you also know I don’t answer my phone on Monday nights because I’m temporarily relocated to the Upper East Side.

I will never forget the first time I watched part of a GG episode;  I was with my friend Anda, sitting in a hotel room in Orange County for a photographer’s workshop.  It was the night of a season finale, and this guy named Chuck Bass was shot.  Her reaction and the horror on her face was priceless.  Between her reaction and the countless couture gowns that walked across the TV that night, I knew I had to start from the beginning.  And so it began, my GG obsession.

Fast forward a few years, and now here I sit…no more Monday nights on the Upper East Side.  No more wiping drool over Oscar De La Renta gowns and living vicariously through them as they spin a globe to choose where they will spend their summers.  So did you watch the finale?!  Here is my take…so if you haven’t watched it yet, BEWARE…spoilers are here!!

My thoughts to GG fans around the world:

  1. What the heck was up with this last season!  Let’s just say it pained my heart to see the direction the writing went this last season.  Sorry, just a side rant!  It bored me.  But as a loyal fan, I sat there with them through the end!
  2. Dan…Gossip Girl?!  I mean, I totally see how it was him in retrospect.  I’d love to say I saw it coming, but I didn’t.  I think the fact that they used a female voice as “Gossip Girl” always threw me into the camp of thinking it was a girl!  I was figuring it was Jenny or Dorota, somehow.  But Dan…it makes sense.  Always wanting to fit into a world he felt like he didn’t belong in.  Did he really not belong?  Or did he not want to BELIEVE he belonged.  I believe there is more Upper East Side running through his veins than he’d like to admit.  A little ruthless with S, don’t you think?!
  3. Which brings me to point 3…Lonely Boy and Serena.  WOW.  So would you have taken him back after publishing an article in Vanity Fair like that?!  I’m thinking the trust is gone.  And every smart girl knows, when trust is out of a relationship…that’s a hard one to repair.
  4. C+B.  They are the whole reason I watched the show.  I love that they have their happily ever after.  I just wish it was a little more dramatic.  THEY are dramatic, so it would have suited them.  I wanted to hear the gut-wrenching lines of love that C used to profess to B.  I didn’t get that.  BUT, I got to see the cutest little Bass EVER in the final scene.  A mini-Chuck…ADORABLE!  And as a side note, I really wish they let Ed Westwick use his British accent for the role.  It would have been so appropriate and would have sounded OH SO GOOD.
  5. Blair…you looked stunning for your wedding day.  And I found it so ironic they had S in the gold wedding dress…sort of like her “golden shell” Dan exposed to everyone.  Did anyone else catch that?

So…now girls, WHAT DO WE DO?!  No more GG!!  Did you see the previews for The Carrie Diaries?!  I’m definitely going to set the DVR and see what it’s all about.  Here is a little preview for it…


M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N