York School IT Girl–Class of 2013


She just made it home from a trip to the Pacific Northwest to scout out colleges before our session.  She has science on the brain.

Gorgeous Curls…

Gorgeous gorgeous curls.  I mean for real…tons of beautiful curls.  You’ve got ’em, rock ’em!  Check out the fun video at the end and you’ll see what I mean!


Can you say field hockey, track, AND basketball?!  And she official owns the cutest track shoes a girl could ever ask for!  I’m sure the cuteness factor helps shave a second off your time.  Because let’s face it, if you feel fabulous running, you are probably running well too!

Christina IS the whole package…and she is the IT Girl for York School!  And she loves Gossip Girl about as much as I do, so right there she gets bonus points…C+B Forever!

You may remember Christina from her IT Girl announcement post.  Check it out…there are some great fun facts about Christina.  Can you say rapping skills?!

I had an amazing time with you Christina and know you having a very exciting future ahead of you.  Embrace YOU…and watch out world! xo


On the day of her shoot, she had her makeup done by the lovely Julissa at Oya Salon and her very own makeup lesson.  Afterwards, we headed out for our shoot, with a cookie crumb frap in hand, and this is what our afternoon looked like…

Click here for her video…Christina–York School Class of 2013

Stay Fearless,

M O N T H L Y   G O S S I P   C O L U M N